HF or 2 meter + HF?

I am just starting out with a brand new license. HF / long distance is most appealing to me and also would like to talk on the radio to HAMs with similar interests locally. Do you recommend getting on the 2 meter for local talking? What is 2 meter like in Toronto?

- Allard VA3IOX

Sorry for the delay in getting an answer back to you. There are several ways in which you an become involved with VHF/UHF activity in the Toronto-GTA area. There have been a lot of changes in how this range of frequencies are being used, and as a result there has been a renewed interest with greater activity. The traditional use of VHF/UHF ham frequencies has been through the use of repeaters. If you go to www.repeaterbook.com and search on Toronto, you will find that there are 44 repeaters listed with frequencies ranging from 6 meters up into the microwave range. Activity on the repeaters, though, can be a bit sporatic. Generally the best times for making contacts are in the morning and late afternoon when people are commuting to work. There are a number of people who have mobile ham FM transcivers in their cars or trucks. The best group to contact about FM repeater activity and how best to get started is the Toronto FM Communication Society and they have a website at www.tfmcs.org The big new on the VHF/UHF front has been the growing popularity of DMR or digital radio. This is a relatively new mode that opens up some exciting possibilities for people who want the ability to communicate over long distances without the need of big antennas and expensive stations. Due to space limitations on replying I am going to send a second. Response. 73 Joe VE3FMQ

That pretty much sums up me listening to some 2M repeaters this week.

This is VAI30X listening to everyone listening 


If you need any additional information or assistance, feel free to post something here and I will get back to you. We have it set up now so that when anyone posts a copy is immediately sent to the email addresses of the executive and one of us will get back to you with an answer. I focused mainly on the VHF/UHF material, but I also work HF too. If you have a subscription to QRZ.com you can check out my station and background. Like I mentioned I am active with DMR digital which is very exciting but I also do a lot of work on HF using digital modes such as PSK-31. What I can't help you with I am sure others can certainly provide You with the information you need. 73

Thank you Joseph for your replies. I will be trying out the 2m more and get some basic operating skills. At the Brampton Hamfest I bought a FT2900 for the 2m and a FT450D for HF. Next is setting up some decent antennas. I'll start with a homemade ground plane for the 2m and a dipole draped over tree(s) in my small backyard for HF. 

Since a kid I as I was enchanted by the 
magic of HF and being able to reach the whole planet with just your own rig and waves. I am also interested in satelite work (receiving images with an SDR on 137mhz), satelite repeaters, EME, radio astronomy and some general soldering and tinkering.

I saw your QRZ page. Nice station setup and fascinating interests like PSK31
I am practically around the corner. Looking forward talking on the radio or a club event.

Allard -

I do own and use a BaoFeng UV5R+ dual band radio for 2 metres and 440 MHz.  As an all-around amateur radio enthusiast, I would recommend getting on any band you can muster up and start a conversation.  I am not one to be stuck on any particular mode or frequency, and I do utilize my Elecraft KX3 and Kenwood TS-450S/AT for worldwide (30 to 10 metres), nationwide (30 to 10 metres) , and even city-wide (160 to 40 metres) communications. The latest thing that all the cool kids have these days are DMR radios for digital voice communications via talk groups - world/nation/and city-wide as well.

May I recommend that you plan on participating in the CENTOR Field Day weekend this last weekend in June?  It is a great way to get your feet wet with different antennas, radios, frequencies while working with other like-minded hams who love doing things in this great hobby. We will be updating both this GroupSpaces page as well as the club FaceBook page with details as the event planning progresses.  We are looking for both leaders and operators!



Thanks Paul for your reply too. Yes, I will hope to make it out to the field day and will keep an eye out on the Group Spaces / FB. 
73s Allard


Hi Paul and all. I would be happy to attend this years field day. Any help needed please let me know.  73 VE3IKY  Paul.

Central Toronto Amateur Radio Club

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