What antenna for HF/DX from a city garden?

I recently got my basic with honours and now I am looking forward getting my first long distance contacts over HF. I would be using SSB. What kind of antenna are you using or recommending? Is it feasibile to have long distance contacts from a house in the city? My garden is about 45' deep. These look promising:

Cobbwebb, 20m - 10m: http://www.m0pzt.com/cobweb-aerial/
46ft multiband for 80m to 10m: http://www.g7fek.co.uk/blogus/newsshow.php?page=80m_Antenna_for_small_gar_49493

Any tips? I am looking to come out for the Hamfest on 3/19 and pick up a transceiver and antenna materials and build the antenna myself.

Cheers, Allard - VA3IOX

Hello again Allard, continuing what I was saying, there is a growing interest in DMR or digital radio on the VHF/UHF ham frequencies. What make DMR different is that while it uses repeaters as you do in with FM radios, these repeaters are linked together over the Internet. The DMR radios are different in that they are programmable and have access to different channels on one repeater. Each of these channels give you a range of repeaters to connect to, ranging from the GTA, to all of Ontario, to all of Canada, to all of North America, to the entire world. As a result, with just 5 watts and a hand held transceiver, you can talk to people in Europe and other parts of the world with an amazingly clear signal. The price of these radios have come down considerably, so you are looking at $250 or less. We have an excellent DMR repeater in Toronto (as well as many all over Ontario) and the DMR repeater in Toronto has all you need to know to get started. Go to www.va3xpr.net and go through the information they have there. They have an excellent intro to DMR booklet (free) that you can download in PDF format. If you have any other questions about FM or DMR just post it here and we'll get back to you (a little faster than before too - again sorry about the delay) 73 Joe VE3FMQ.

Central Toronto Amateur Radio Club

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