Who's interested?

I know I am.  But coordinating field day is no easy task, so let us know if you're interested too!  And if you'd like to help out with setup/takedown/bringing equipment (radios,tents, generators)... all the better!


What happens at a field day and when is it?  Apologies for asking the obvious, but I have only been to one meeting.... and I have no experience...or a car to load full of equipment..... so I am probably not of much help, but definitely interested.

Here's the ARRL's site, and explanation: 

FD this year is the weekend of June 28/29.  Bascially it's an exercise to contact stations both near and far (in North America) using no mains power. 

We operate off-the-grid, like we'd have to in the event of a real disaster/emergency, but we get to have fun doing it, and learn from it.  For some of us (me for one), it's a great way to actually sit down and concentrate on the radio without the distractions I'd have at home. :)


Mike -

We are again planning Field Day this year.  I hope you can participate! This will be a great way for you to get your feet wet.


Hi Jeff, It's my first attempt at a Field Day. I'm a new Ham, and I'm quite interested.
In my view, a reasonable plan depends on HOW MANY people would be interested. If 5 people, then ONE station is enough, but if we had 10 or 20 people interested, then one 80/40/20 meter HF station, and 6 meter station might be a fun setup.
Here's what I have that could be useful:
- 25 feet of Military Surplus Tentpole which could be used as a 25 foot antenna support. It is in 5 foot sections. I have metal circles that go around it for guying, and I could get some ropes together, and tent-pegs, for guying.
- A roadcase of the kind often used for transporting computers or audio or radio equipment, about 3 feet cube, which I can haul my radio rig inside of, and would make an okay operating table "in the field".
- I have a Kenwood TS-570D rig that does 160 to 10 meters, and a G5RV antenna.
- I have an MFJ 1910 antenna support telescoping pole (33 feet). This is also a possible antenna support.
- I have a MacBook 13", which could be used for FLDIGI (PSK31 or RTTY or CW) or logging or both. I have sound-card interface cables for my rig, and RS-232 capability on my rig which can be used to power logging programs or automated control programs.
The number one thing I haven't seen anybody do is volunteer to be field-day-captain. We need one person who is in charge. I am not the right person as I've (a) never done a field day before, and (b) I'm a new ham. I will help the field-day captain with setup, and if my rig or poles or antenna is involved, with tear-down as well.

PS. This forum software sucks. It doesn't even format my messages properly. I don't much like typing BR HTML tags in manually.

I would be interested but as that is the start of my vacation, I'm afraid I won't be around. 

I am interested in manning the station late night (CW) and providing some food/beverages.

Wow okay it's about ONE week away.  I don't see much occuring on here. Is this a go, or a no-go?  Some signs of life from the CENTOR club members would be nice! :-)



I wish.  It sounds like so much fun.  I am going to be working until like 2am on the 29th but I will try to stop by and see if I can help early in the morning or near the end.

Central Toronto Amateur Radio Club

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