5 WPM CW Course

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5_WPM_Overview.pdfJoseph Cooper1.13MbMar 1st, 2018
straight_key_standard.jpgJoseph Cooper15.87KbFeb 25th, 2018
Proper hold.jpgJoseph Cooper427.95KbFeb 25th, 2018
Proper hold 2.jpgJoseph Cooper445.43KbFeb 25th, 2018
Parts of the key.jpgJoseph Cooper191.2KbFeb 25th, 2018
Parts of key top.pngJoseph Cooper1.17MbFeb 25th, 2018
MorseTools40Setup.exeJoseph Cooper1.94MbFeb 25th, 2018
Morse Code.gifJoseph Cooper5.27KbFeb 25th, 2018
CW Cheat Sheet.pngJoseph Cooper301.48KbFeb 25th, 2018
Morse Code.gifJoseph Cooper5.27KbFeb 25th, 2018
Morse Code Key.jpgJoseph Cooper17.28KbFeb 25th, 2018
l_iambic_standard_.jpgJoseph Cooper17.69KbFeb 25th, 2018
Bug.jpgJoseph Cooper19.59KbFeb 25th, 2018
CENTOR CW Ham Radio Course CW003 Spring 2018.pdfJoseph Cooper185.03KbFeb 13th, 2018
LETTERS.zipJoseph Cooper1.38MbSep 10th, 2017
Audio Week 5.zipJoseph Cooper501.81KbSep 10th, 2017
Audio Week 4.zipJoseph Cooper772.56KbSep 10th, 2017
Audio Week 3.zipJoseph Cooper746.78KbSep 10th, 2017
Audio Week 2.zipJoseph Cooper250.77KbSep 10th, 2017
Audio Week 1.zipJoseph Cooper514.06KbSep 10th, 2017
Sentences.zipJoseph Cooper1.94MbSep 10th, 2017
PUNCTUATION.zipJoseph Cooper186.63KbSep 10th, 2017
NUMBERS.zipJoseph Cooper652.65KbSep 10th, 2017
MIXED.zipJoseph Cooper896.8KbSep 10th, 2017

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